Team Building

The Stolen painting

A weird guide leads you during half an hour in the museum. He comments, in is own funny way, all the exposed works. When he arrives to the last picture, he is so busy with his speech that he doesn't realize that there is only a empty frame exposed behind him! Suddenly he sees that the painting is disappeared and he wants to find it back by himself. He asks the audience to help him in his search...

The particpants are divided in team which have to resolve, at different locations, some problems who lead them to the painting ....

© Esebo

Plat du jour

The purpose of this team building is to find de dish of the day.

Several missions,,a so-called race against the clock, will reduce the perimeter of the search and finally, lead to the location of the dish of the day.

This activity is suitable for any kind of participant; the variety of the missions will suit the sportsman, the intellectual type or the quiz specialist.


- The Antwerp underground

- Make a movie

- Improvisation theatre

- Culinary city trip

- ..............................................


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